World Twister Takeover (BAL)

“Due to the scarcity of colored circles, players will often be required to put themselves in unlikely or precarious positions, eventually causing someone to fall.” – Wikipedia.

Yeah….pretty spot on to our adult recess morning here in Baltimore.

But, no. I have to say, this morning was just pure, child-like FUN. Last night, I felt like a kid having a hard time sleeping knowing this morning we were going to have the tribe play Twister as their workout. TWISTER. A giant twenty person Twister game at 6:30AM! There is nothing that will bring strangers closer together, physically and mentally, than a game of Twister.

And you all did it without hesitation. That, was the f*cking coolest part. “Newbie, welcome to November Project. Get excited and play a game of Twister where everyone is too close and we know you are new but you should totally do it anyways.” Smiles and absolutely NO hesitation. Well, maybe a little hesitation but that’s because they heard burpees were a part of the morning as well.

Don’t believe us? We’ll let the smiles speak for themselves.

IMG_9884IMG_9837 IMG_9859IMG_9830

Continue that reckless abandonment to try new things and get close to people (appropriately) throughout your weekend. Break out a Twister chalk board tonight with your roommates or in the middle of Rash Field. You may be doing it alone, but….flexibility! Yoga! Right?

Some twisted announcements for your long weekend:

  • Tomorrow morning, Saturday the 3rd, we take over Fox 45 Good Morning Baltimore News Station. Tune in at 8:20AM (Fox 45) to see anchors do hoisties and your co-leaders chat about world peace, our favorite sandwiches, and why Baltimore is so awesome.
    • Let’s TAKE OVER their social media while we’re at it. Tag your photos, @ your tweets, and mention them all the way through tomorrow:
  • WEDNESDAY the 7th we have #WorldTakeoverDay, or as we like to call it: BFD Day. We welcome London and Amsterdam to the NP family. We also have free swag and are also finishing #drnhnt. As much as we love Twister, this is a day that will be a travesty if you miss. Seriously, we’ll cry.
  • #knottyNP winners – soon. be patient. you may just see it when you least expect it on social media.

That was a lot. Here’s a really pretty picture of some beautiful faces. xoxo.


Love, Syd

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