World Takeover

“November Project is building a worldwide community by empowering humans through fierce, free, weekly workouts.”

Say that outloud.  And then say it again.  It’s a powerful statement and it’s 100% true.  It’s coming to life faster than any of us can really understand, with new tribes starting official NP workouts almost every week these days.  What was just a few weeks ago a group of 16 active tribes, we now have 19.  I’m stoked to welcome new tribe leaders and enthusiastic members to this weird and amazing free fitness movement.  The big boys (BG & Bojan) are dialed in on this #WorldTakeover thing. We’re growing fast and we’re growing strong. #NewsCh19

We (and that means all of us–you and I) are changing the world when we show up and there are more and more AND MORE of us doing it every day.  Fitness can be accessible and FREE to everyone and the #Community we’re building, well my friends, that community is supportive, accountability-making, life-changing, and world-changing.  Go check out the newest tribes in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Virginia Beach.  Pretty soon you won’t be able to go ANYWHERE without having a tribe to show up to.

And as I said this morning to our loud and semi-naked sunshiny 6:30 group, Boston was the first tribe, we’re the biggest tribe, and we’re the best.  And take a look at the pictures posted today…we’ve got some serious weird to share with the world.

serious weird

We have pushed our way through the wintery snow and we’re crushing more and more stadium sections each week.  We ran Wonderland 5 today. Five stadium sections 37 down to 33 + the outdoor sprint lap.  It’s intense, it’s hard, and it makes you sweat especially when it’s above freezing.  Pretty soon we’ll be running FULL sections (including the bottom 5 seats) and our bodies will really remember how hard core the stadium is and how #badass we are when we do it.  Many of you counted your laps and you want to record that shit for posterity.  Go ahead, write it down.

Thanks for coming to the party today.  Welcome back to those of you who we haven’t seen in a while.  The warmer weather feels good and the #community feels better when you’re here…so keep coming.  We’ll get you on the training plan for #weatherproof-ness as well as #fitness.

Friday 6:30 am party at Summit Ave.  Show your beautiful faces for some more FREE hugs, community, fitness and #worldtakeover.

group photo

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