Word of the NP5280 (DEN)

Where do I even begin?

A lot has happened since I last blogged: Molly has temporarily left us for an extended summer playtime, Matthew (We are still in the pledge process for his nickname: Sarge??) has stepped up into the leadership role for the tribe, and all of you have been blooming with excitement and enthusiasm to make the most of each opportunity to that we play together.

While I am honored and flattered to have received the positivity award from Spencer today, I am rewarded each and every time I see any of you any where! Would we even acknoledge each other if it weren’t for November Project? I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t hug you from behind…. 

There are times when I’m running around the park, drinking a beer during happy hour, or waiting out a delayed flight at DIA, when running into a familiar November Project face is the cherry on top of my mile-high sundae.

During most positivity award speeches, people have been open and candid with the tribe about previous emotions of loneliness and lack of connection with the world around them… all of which was flipped upside down when they found the tribe. The continuation of this theme confirms our ability to enhance peoples lives by playing TOGETHER.

That said, I bestow the power of the positivity award upon you and challenge you to invite someone new to November Project. Somehow, someway, your path brought you to your tribe. Why don’t we all help guide others with a little positive nudge.

I just browsed through the pictures from today’s workout. You guys are funny looking.


Lt Flanniel

FRIDAY  530-615A and/or 615-7A:  Hill Repeats on the Little Man Ice Cream Hill – 3000 Tejon St, DENVER. Maybe Friday will be the day they open early and serve us ice cream????!!!



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