Worcester, MA

Wednesdays Only:

5:20am and 6:20am at the Worcester Common Oval


Jim: November 2018- Current

Peanut: April 2018- September 2020

Ivan Zvonar: January 2016-December 2018

Sam Kenary: September 2015- July 2018

    Founders: Sam, Hank, and Jim Kenary



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  1. How November Project changed my life

    Today marks one year since I joined November Project-Worcester last February, and I can honestly say it has completely changed my life. I heard about November Project through a close friend who encouraged me to just “show up” to one of the workouts, and the value it’s brought to my life is far greater than I ever would have anticipated.

    I’ll admit, the first day I was very intimidated. I was out of shape, struggling with depression and anxiety, not to mention, never having run a 5k in my life! The first day I arrived Sam and Ivan greeted me with open arms, along with the rest of the tribe. Much to my surprise, It didn’t matter that I had never worked out with these people before. These people were in my court, cheering me on. This was more than just an early morning sweat session.They pushed me to be better, both in and out of fitness/health. I wouldn’t have the goals I do for 2018, and life, without this community.

    Over the last year, November Project has become more than just a morning workout for me. It’s become Birch Tree breakfast dates, and socializing, and the drive to push yourself out of your comfort zone- for when you think you can’t take one more step.

    While Sam and Ivan have put us through some crazy workouts, I’ve also made some really awesome friends. Better than that, I’ve become part of an amazing, supportive, welcoming community. This community filled me with love and positivity even when I didn’t have much to give back. I know this is a place I can go on my best days and on my worst.

    So here’s to an amazing year with the NP Woo Tribe, full of everything from freezing hill sprints, and countless woo yeahs” and to climbing everything in sight. Thank you for welcoming me into your fantastic tribe. And to anyone reading this, I hope it inspires you to #justshowup. If you are thinking of joining NP, this is your chance! This is what started it all for me. You won’t regret it.

    1. Julia! I adore you and am so glad you shared your story! I’m transcribing mine now. Such similarities. Im so proud of you and glad I get to be some of those dates! #ImGladYouWereThere

    1. Just. Show. Up. Probably in work out clothes. But that’s it. For fear of contradicting myself, time and location are listed up above.

  2. Do you have to live in Worcester to join your group? Trying to train for my first Spartan Sprint through Fenway Park., LOTS of stairs. This sounds like a great workout. Very interested.

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