#WookieThighs (BAL)

From the inspiring words of your NP chaperone for the day, this is Emily Lerman:

Let me start with this. The Baltimore tribe is magnanimously strong. Yeah, MAGNANIMOUS. Look it up, it’s one of my favorite words, and I learned it when studying for the GREs. But let’s stay focused. This week, with the parents out of town, highlighted two important things:

  • 1) There is some fierce communal positivity radiating from Rash Field to Patterson Park, and aftershocks are felt consistently during the week throughout the ENTIRE city. I validated this statement with a meteorologist.
  • 2) We have the greatest, most awesome, dedicated leaders. EVER. Hey, other tribes, here’s a healthy serving of competition for you — can you outdo the Charm of Charm City? The Bounce of Baltimore?  I’m not sure you can, but please try. We’ll all win.
Let me explain. Today Wookie and I agreed to lead you guys up some hills for 45 minutes. Nick, Pat and Syd make it look easy enough – right? Yeah, that’s because they are SUPER FUCKING GOOD AT IT. I don’t know anything about sports, so I can’t reference names (maybe Michael Jordan, is Kendrick Lamar an athlete?), but all those athletes who make stuff look sorta easy — it’s because they love it and practice and own it. And are beyond dedicated. So are our leaders. For any of you newbies, we also have the best bounce in the NP universe. Fact. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous this morning. I’m not gonna reinvent Nick’s well-oiled wheel. So, I hiked up my shorts and gave it my best gym-teacher voice. I take this moment to appreciate their tireless work at leading NP_Bal to be the fierce monstrosity we know and love.
And then you guys. Thanks for showing up and throwing down. Consistently. Let me reiterate. This tribe is beyond strong. I think we all had some teary eyes watching the video Allison made for Nikki’s departure. Yeah just a casually epic “we love you video” with so many feelings. Gosh we’re good.
We had a few #traverbals this morning (hello NP_NYC and NP_PHL!). You guys were awesome. Gary from Philly stopped someone mid-run to say “you guys have such a great community”. Because we do. Community! What? Yes, that’s you, your friend you brought, the random person you “fuck-yeah” high-fived with – and that other one! – the cute one, you know, the one you sweaty-hugged, who left some of their sweat on your arm, and you hesitated washing it off in the shower. I know, I bet right now you are wondering if they will be there Wednesday. They will. Good thing we have all these facebook photos to drool over. So yes, community! All of you! Thank you for filling my heart with so much positivity that I just want to keep writing about how much I love you.
Again, for all your newbies out there, keep #justshowingup. I know it can be intimidating in the beginning – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend my first months at NP being especially awkward. Just ask. And look at me now. I know, I’m a perfect role model. You won’t find a more inclusive, welcoming group anywhere.  Keep coming, keep showing up at coffee and breakfast and dinners and happy hours and goodbye parties and wedding dress fittings and mahjong. Yeah, this tribe will take over your life in the healthiest ways possible.
You guys are the best people ever; it was an honor and a pleasure to run hill sprints with you. Oh, and Sally has a new friend. Her name is Bonnie Macdonald. In honor of the 5 minute and 50 second burpee binge to Bonnie Taylor’s “I Need a Hero” and Laura Macdonald’s love affair with burpees.
Speaking of heros, Nick, Pat and Syd, we can’t wait for you to come back.
Stay amazing. I love you. Don’t change.
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