Woodstock at Friday Hills

Today is Halloween, and if you’re like me, you’re just now thinking about what you want to dress up as. Taking a look at my closet, I’m pretty much limited to the following choices:

  • Preppy white guy
  • Average straight guy
  • Guy in a blue shirt
  • Runner guy
  • Dry-fit guy
  • Guy in a grey suit
  • The Incredible Business Casual Man!

Obviously I’m going with the Incredible Business Casual Man. With the power to move seamlessly between work, semi-formal events, cocktail hours and more, the AMAZING BUSINESS CASUAL MAN CAN DO IT ALL! So… yeah, basically I’m screwed.

This morning we had a fun little dress-up party at Friday hills. The theme? Woodstock. Why? Because everyone has a Dolores Park outfit. Except me actually, I borrowed a wig from Padraig because I showed up in a tiny yellow bird costume (this is a lie).

Here are some pictures, now go enjoy the rarity that is Halloween on a Friday. PEACE OUT!






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