Wood Bridge Welcome

Wisconsin Notes:
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Monday December 21st – Sunrise 6K

Today was an unseasonably warm Manitoba December day, -10 celsius but completely dark for the entirety of the workout. Of course that didn’t stop close to 100 of us from getting out of bed, throwing on a few layers and heading down to the Forks for a relentless assault on our legs.

Of particular note today were the more than 5 new people who defied odds and decided that after months of hearing about us, December 2nd was going to be their first workout . . . and they thought WE were crazy. It was a warm welcome to the new and the old and we absolutely loved finishing the workout on the wood bridge with the decorative lights which in a few short weeks will be covered in ice as part of the World’s longest outdoor skating trail.
The positivity award was given out to the best person on a great day and she deserved every bit of the love! Christina Hunt never wipes a smile from her face, we feel so lucky to have her as a friend and we owe it to the good vibes and sweet times provided by November Project. This morning, well before she knew of the award she was to receive, she smiled, jumped, mountain climbed and high fived her way through the workout never missing a single person with a moment of encouragement. Christina, keep on keepin on!

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