Women’s Camp & Men’s Camp

I know that we say this a few times at the end of each week but I’m going to say it again… Happy Friday. Today in Boston we tried something new. We split the group up into “men’s and women’s camps” and started our competitive workout going different directions, running hills of different sizes (with spicy spice heavily dashed in for flavor). With awards given to the top 15 men and 15 women (lets not forget the NP branded Jet Blue motion sickness bags awarded to our fastest man & woman of the day) the racing vibe was clearly in the breezy air on top of Summit Ave this morning. A special shutout to Josh Walker and our local pals at BERN for making the awards happen. Thank you, big ups, Fuck Yeah! & Namaste. Just to clarify, Josh had nothing to do with branded puke bags, that’s all BG.

Don’t forget to check out the newest additions to our Facebook album of NP Tattoos. If you want to contribute to this amazing collection of ink, find that shaved head Serbian dude with a camera and drop your trou in front of him. He’s married, so it’s okay… For those of you interested in kicking off your next week right here in Boston please see our Monday morning workout details below. Have a great weekend everyone. The Tribe Is Strong.

MONDAY: Run from your place (or ride your bike if you’re over 10K/6.2mi away) to the Swissbäkers located just a block away from the Harvard Stadium. Arrive by 6:28AM ready to work and smile.

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