Wiz Wit(h) (PHL)

Today’s workout, originally entitled Wiz With…fixed to proper Philadelphia speak – Wiz wit seemed mildly successful.  Similar to that sensation when you’ve been served a few too many cold ones and take a taxi to the closest cheese steak joint only to scarf down that cheese oozing, cardiac-event-inducing steak bursting with suspect (but oh-so-delicious) cheese from a can, onions and peppers…Alright, now I’m hungry.

[Back from lunch break].  I won’t explain the entire workout but it consisted of a hill circuit running on the front sections of Lemon Hill, partner push-ups, leg throws, v-sits and planks.  We laid down and strictly enforced a “No Standing Around Policy.”  People adhered to the rule.  Injury deck folks were kind enough to partner up with people as they came through stations.

Afterward, Matti performed a 30 second rendition of Penn State club dancing circa ~’06-’10.  The crowd remained completely silent, only to let out a huge cheer when time was called.  This was punishment for not showing up to Wednesday’s workout with our coveted Hard Hat.  Thank you Matti for having a sense of humor and indulging us in the ridiculousness.  We whispered Happy Birthday to Jason today, plot twist – we did whispered it in Spanish. Feliz Cumpleanos Jason!

Our Positivity Award went to Paulina.  Not enough can be said about Paulina – she is friendly, funny and makes it to almost every workout.  Paulina and her boyfriend Matt (celebrity-name “Patt”) have been showing up since the very beginning, waking up super early to travel in for workouts from New Jersey.  Congratulations Paulina!

ALSO a big shout out and thank to Sierra who shot photos today!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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