Wisconsin Snow for Boston’s Friday Hills (feat. Officer Brother)

Snow. When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, we experience winter. During the winter, at certain latitudes in the USA, snow falls from the sky. Don’t panic. We’ll be OK.

At November Project we go outside and play. On Monday we’ll play in the North End. Run there and join us… we call this a #DestinationDeck. We’ll meet at North End Park. Plan your run to join us, circuit as a group, then run away. Beware, if you’re riding, driving, MBTA’ing, or faking pushups… you’ll be called out. You’ve been warned with love.

Easter Sunday Spring Race is on March 31, 2013. We call it #EasterHashHunt and you can find all the details here. RSVP today and plan to rock the foundation of this old town.

Brookline PD’s Officer Brother dropped by because the phrase, “Stay on the sidewalk and keep it quiet” was a little hard for many of us to understand. PLEASE take directions. We don’t ask much… he got 5 calls because of our noise and because we were in the road (not safe today for sure). Again, PLEASE take directions. We don’t ask much. Officer Bro. is a cool dude and supports NP – He’s also on his final warning with us. Let’s get on track people! Not sorry for yelling on this one.

Shooting Stars: We are going to have some reeeeeeal spotlights on us during the week March 18th. Plan to wear your #GrassrootsGear each day that week. What’s #GrassrootsGear you ask? Check it. A few items happening include: Boston Magazine, Outside Magazine, & New Balance Running. All love, all real.

Your Feet: If you’re training with us on a regular basis our local pals at New Balance Running will hook you up with whatever pair you like the most. Like our workouts, races, and hugs… those kicks will be FREE. Boom. Info here.

A guy named Neil Cronin won the #PositivityAward today.
Neil knows and follows the good folks @Nov_Project_MSN.
We got some snow today that MSN may respect.
Many of our members want to visit MSN and train with DG and his people.
Your 26 members from this week are 3 Wednesday workouts away from getting shoe’d.
Spring is coming?

Name Workout Time
Eddie Fleck SNOW! Fuck Yea!
Arnout Schepers SNOW! Fuck Yea!
A?? ?ovacikova? SNOW! Fuck Yea!
Adam Sadowski SNOW! Fuck Yeah
Anthony D Snow
Kevin Hopper Snow Fuck Yeah
Drew Beesing Snow 32:05
Kathleen M Snow
Amanda Ayers Snow
Will Gibson Snow Fast
Rishabh M Snow Evading Cops Fast
Terry MacCormack Snow
Manuel Gonzales Snow 30:23
Lauren Goodman Snow
Adam Admundson Snow
Jon Day Snow Fuck Yeah
M??? Vinder Bo?? Snow 4
McIntire Late! 2
L. Smith 4 w/Karli 40:00
Renata K 4 Snow Fuck Yeah
Nick Marinaro 4 Snow Fuck Yeah
Mary McG 4 Snow Fuck Yeah
Cody B 4 Snow Fuck Yeah
Ben Hines 4 Snow Fuck Yeah
Julius Lee 4 Snow Fuck Yeah
Simone Zaglia ? 4 Snow FY
Marie McIntee 4 Snow FY
Jason Littman-Quinn 4 Snow
Derrick Shallcross 4 "Sidewalk" 40:00
Samantha Laine 2 SNOW UHHHH…
Hamilton Kibbe "
Erik Krahn ? 5 41
Jess Colgan-Snyder 5 Woot Woot
?? V? 5 43:05
Whitney Kemp 5 44:00
Deniz 5 41:41
Chris M 5 41:00
Neil Cronin 5 41:00
Amanda McLaughlin 5 45:13
Kyle Natichioni ? 5 40:00
Sebastian 4 Snow
Ken Vining ? 4
John Vinson ? 4
Jason M 4
Sam Moorhead 4
Steven A 4 Snow
Anna K 4 20:24
Burkie 4 Snow
Cindy 4 Snow
Kelly Stecker 4 Snow 🙂
Matt Onorato ? 4 Snow
Mark Vautor 4
Scafisi? 4 Snow
Yen Le 4 Snow
Josh Wilson 4 45
Luci C 4 Awesome
Fighter Jet 4 Fuck Yeah
Denis H 4
Maddie Rock 4
Stephanie T ? 4
Kristen B 4 38:00
Jade Best 4 39:15
Ben Ray 4 39:18
Kreg P 4 39:18
Kathleen Meehan 4 30:15
Stewart M 4 35:13
Brian Simmons 4 43:??
Elizabeth E 4 30:00
Laura Wyatt 4 20:24
Karli Delrossi 4
Erin McDonagh 4
Katie Summo 4 50:06
Tessa Haynes 4
? Haynes 4
Kelsey Taylor 4 Fuck Yeah
Gergia Wright-Simmons 4 Fuck Yeah
Becca MacRae 4
Ben Hires 4 FY
Phuc Thai 4 FY
Kat?? Raymond 4 FY!
Danny Berteletti 4 Fuck Yeah
Cindy Samaan 4
Tara Conley 4 44:53
Matt Murawski 4 FY
Kaitlin Pace 4
Greg Salwitz 4
Ben Bouton 4 49
Molly Ryan 4
Sean Reilly 3.75 1st Time!
Emilie Mandaric 3
Chris Bavcom ? 3 Snow
John O’Loughlin 3 Snow
Dan Siroloff ? 3 Snow!
Nicole Cammovala 3 45
Jen G ? 3 45
Elin Flashman 3 45
Katie Dongdon 3 34:57
Gene Kelly 3 38:00
Thomas Brennan 3
Brittany B 3
Adam Engel 3 41;14
Jess Ritchie 3 43:00
Helena Wong 3 FY
Matt McGarry 3 Snow
Andrew Kotz 2 Snow
Ranson Cook ? 1
Brian Garland ? 1 Snow
Dennis McKenna
Alan was here
Ginny Fuller Fuck Yea!
Jason ?
lucia v reusner
Emily Neumann
kelly latendresse 3
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