Wisco Wednesday

Hey Boston!

I don’t think you’re ready, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…

Cuz’ our bodies are bootylicious.

Hear it now, remember it forever: November Project makes your body bootylicious!  It’s being considered for the newest tagline.  Forget #FreeFitness, it’s going to be all #Bootylicious.  And we’re sure Bey won’t have a problem with that.

If you find that song repeating in your head as you bounce through your day, we can thank Capozzi for that awesome warm up song, and planting the bootylicious seed in our brains this morning.  You’re all bootylicious and we hope you have a bootylicious day.  And now that my bootylicious word count is up to 7, I’ll see if I can work it in at least a few more times to get it up to a round 10.

Wisconsin notes are the NP term for short, to-the-point notes to summarize the kickass morning and share any important announcements we have.  In Wisco it gets so cold they can’t spend much time talking or typing, or anything but running so they stay warm.  So the notes are short.

Boston Wisco Notes for 11.18.15

  • The morning was chilly and beautiful. Great sunrise and steamy head photos.  Just check everyone’s IG and FB feeds.
  • The workout was 40 sections + Firedrills on the whistle (5 or 10 pushups) with lots of firedrills!  The tribe was on FIRE.
  • Y’all can record your sections and time in the tracker here.
  • 5:30 group rode a roller coaster for the group photo (way cool.)
  • 6:30 group showed off their bootylicious booties for their group photo (way hot.)
  • The Positivity Award was given to Steve Jamison for being awesome. He’s pretty bootylicious too.
  • Today is the last day for placing an order for November Project buffs (see the blog here for more info).  Deadline is 5pm TODAY.
  • Next Wednesday is the last Wednesday of the month and the day before American Thanksgiving.  PRs will be raced for and #GrassrootsGear will be tagged.  Be ready for both!
  • See you Friday at the hills.  If you’re ready.  Do you think you’re ready? …yeah I think you’re ready for that jelly!




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