Wisc.Coast & West Coast: Building The Tribe with Weird/Harsh Workouts


Words from Laura McCloskey… SF leader, chalk artist, NU Track & Field Alum, November Project Uganda…

“Only one stadium employee yelled at us today. We learned that “mean muggin” isn’t a specialty of ours. ‘Deck of Cards on Speed’ was a wild success which will have people walking funny til Friday (Possibly Saturday, but hopefully Friday). The tribe is incredibly fucking strong.”


Workout words from Dan Graham, DG, Bojan’s brother, and NP MSN leader…

“30 Min. on the clock, Teams of 6, 3 rounds with your team, ‘Jungle’ because every round is based on an animal, “McCloskey” because that’s the she-beast (Laura McCloskey) who is running the NP SF group on her own right now.

Round 1 – Leap Frog up the grass hill, then down the Back stairs and Bunny-hop up.
Round 2 – Stick-Bug Hurdles (Stick Bug is push up position) then Bunny-Hop the stairs
Round 3 – Bear Crawl Slalom (should be Obvious…) Then Bunny hop the stairs

After the 3 rounds with your team it is an, “individual,” “all out,” “All you got” run up and down Bascom Hill or “Lincolns.” The total score is how many “Lincolns” you get. Top score was 3. This shit was brutal. Brutal like the jungle. With the early-birds and the 6:30’s combined we had over 60 people today, which is our new attendance high.”


Boston was on freakin’ fire this morning. We did a workout called #RobotMan3 as the rain was calming down. That’s a 1/2 tour of the Harvard Stadium from section 37 to 19, done three times with active rest between the three. Once at the top of section 19 we went up and under the wooden bleachers above and ran back to start our next “set” or 1/2 tour. This is our highest volume that we do at a competive pace. It also puts us all in a smaller area which is good for making noise and hyping one another. We are all excited about – Sunday, August 4th.

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