I wasn’t at the workout on Monday this week.  That may not seem like a big deal, but attendance being a pretty regular thing for me and the boys (Deniz and Evan) as well as many of you, it was downright weird to not be there Monday.  I have a job that sometimes requires me to facilitate trainings that start pretty early in the day, so that’s where I was.  It’s funny though, I don’t actually feel like I need to explain why I wasn’t there. (Especially since I did NOT #verbal to be there.)  But mostly, I don’t need to justify it because I know what winning, success, and enough-ness mean to me.  I love being able to do my job and have NP in my life, even when I have to miss a workout with the Tribe sometimes.  I also love being able to erg (use the rowing machine) at the stadium, because I’m directed by my doctor to not run for the next couple months while I do everything else I can to help my 2 sprained ligaments in my ankle heal.


I’ve been dealing with what it means to REALLY not run.  I feel sadness and loss because I love the particular act of running.  But I am able to do so very many things that it’s asinine of me to think I can’t win my Wed NP race, or feel successful at a workout, or be happy and feel like enough every day.  We each decide what winning means to us–with healthy perspective, realistic goal setting, and a little gratitude and optimism to support us.  In the same way that today I challenged the Tribe to finish 41 sections by getting from 37 all the way to 1, with 4 “back to the future” spice cow bells included–some people win by finishing 41 sections and then doing 5 more so they don’t get cold.  Some win by actually doing the back to the future spice instead of avoiding it and ignoring the cow bells.  Some win by not just getting 40, but eeking out that 41 before time ran out.  Some win by doing more than you did last week.  Some win by completing a half tour.  Some win by starting.  Some win by erging.  Some win by crushing the injury deck/boot camp today.  Some win just by showing up.  And I’ll be honest, some win who didn’t show up today.  Yup, I said that.  I’m talking about the people who have been thinking about it…A LOT.  And today was the turning point that means we will see them next time.  You win in lots of ways and each one of you needs to decide for you “What is winning?”  Does anyone need to feel bad about not getting 41 sections today, or finishing as fast as Deniz, or refusing to go “back to the future?” Fuck no.  No one ever needs to feel bad about themselves.  Feeling bad never helps us grow.  But we do need to keep feeling inspired.  So celebrate the win.  If one of those categories fits for you but not others, good news.  You still win. This movement is about free fitness and amazing, positive community.  We got that covered. Are you winning?


Dudes of all genders, should you be as fast as you can during an NP workout?  Sure thing.  I mean, FUCK YEAH! So a strong suggestion is to NOT use your most recent badass photo from a workout, wearing #GrassrootsGear, to submit via instagram for the #NP_Homework.  That is what we call Appropriately Fast.  See below:

appropriately fast

No.  Think “where is it inappropriate to be a fast-ass badass fucker?” and then go there and BE FAST. That’s like, the opposite of slow.

If you want to be #NotWinning, the image below shows two examples of how to not win the #NP_Homework.

1. See the two appropriately fast runners moving up the stairs.  They would not win because it’s the appropriate place and time to be moving fast.  Also because they’re not wearing NP tagged Grassroots Gear.

2. See the inappropriately slow athlete standing at the bottom of the stairs.  She will not win both because it’s the appropriate place and time to be moving fast and she’s inappropriately still…which is rather slow.  Also because she’s not wearing Grassroots Gear. (note to this athlete: we love you and know you crushed it up Section 1, but photo evidence of everything funny will be used against you at all times on the NP blog)

section 1

As I like to say, GET THAT SHIT DONE.  Deadline is Jan 31st.  We believe in you and your Inappropriately Fast abilities.  Go make us proud.  And if you win, you’ll be #Winning a sweet The North Face winter gear kit.  And Bojan may adopt you too.


Just a sweet announcement that FRIDAY IS THE LAST DAY TO PICK UP THE BUFFS YOU PRE-ORDERED, IF YOU HAVE NOT YET PAID. If you have paid, Ryan will hold your buffs for a reasonable amount of time.

And if you’re still holding out hope that you’ll get to purchase a “left over” buff, those details will be shared by the end of Friday.  Stay tuned.

Peace out Strong Tribe.

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