Winning The Life Game (DCA)

Lots of people like to compete. Rarely does anyone like losing. Ending in a tie can seem even worse (c’mon USA…30 seconds. That’s all you had to do is last 30 more seconds. That’s what she said). For those of you interested in winning, you’re in luck. There’s a good chunk of District residents that know a few important things about it, MWF, 6:30AM.

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Here’s the breakdown:

1. #RiseAndShine – Wake up, get out of bed, and get those bodies moving. Clear out those eye boogers, splash a little water on the face, put on some deodorant (for the rest of us), and step out the door.

2. #JustShowUp – Get your sexy asses to a workout with November Project. THIS IS THE HARDEST PART. Once you’re there, you’re already starting to win.

3. #HipsInHugs – Smile, high five, thumb wrestle, but most importantly, get those hips in for a hug. DANGER: Real human interaction and hugs will make you a happier and healthier person. Meet someone new. Take 37 seconds out of your life to actually care who they are, what they do, where they’re from. Find out something interesting.

4. #RaceEverything – NOTE: This does not say race everyone. The idea behind this is that you push yourself. Race yourself, go at your pace but strive for better each and every time. If you choose to race others in the group, that’s cool too. Motivate those around you and get motivation from those around you.

5. #Winning – You did it. Success. You are a winner and we’re not afraid to tell you. And you’ve now done more work before 7:30AM than most people in the city will do all day/week. BOOM.

Feel like winning? (Maybe we should get team USA to a workout too) Show up. Build community. Spread love. Get fit. For the always price of $0.

It can’t be that easy you say? IT IS.

DISCLAIMER: November Project has been scientifically proven to be addicting yet improve the quality of life of its members. Fun, laughing, smiling, and other positive activities may be involved. You will make friends. #JustShowUp at your own risk.

WEDNESDAY: Y’all know what to do. PR Week. Bring a watch. LINCOLN MEMORIAL, 5:30 or 6:30AM, 13 or 17 Lincoln Logs. Gauge your progress #JustShowUp

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