Why November Project? Tell us via Facebook today…

We’ll be skipping the traditional wrap-up today to ask you, the members of the November Project tribe, to give us feedback on our one-of-a-kind movement. That’s right, we want to know, in your words:

1. Why do you train with November Project?

2. What is it about November Project that keeps you coming back?

3. What are some of the unique qualities you see in the tribe that make what we’re doing different than anything else going on here in Boston?

Please send your answers via Facebook message to November Project’s page. If you have not yet “LIKED” our page you’ll need to take care of that first. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to many more months of building community and racing our way to #FREE #grassroots fitness as the group of big kids who are having the most fun.

Our post from today with attendance and scores will go up tomorrow with photos. We are asking that these feedback Facebook messages would be best if they could be sent to us by the end of the week. We appreciate your opinions so please let us know what you think.

See you Friday on Summit Ave.

We want to know what our members think of what we’ve all helped build.
We are asking 3 questions.
1. Why do you train with November Project?
2. What is it about November Project that keeps you coming back?
3. What are some of the unique qualities of November Project that you enjoy?
We are having our members send their answers to NP’s Facebook via Facebook messages.
4. Friday we’re back on “the hill.”

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4 Replies to “Why November Project? Tell us via Facebook today…”

  1. A caveat. I have only attended one training at the Harvard Stadium and it is my hope to atleast attend that event weekly when life allows me to. I am newer healthy person per se and shy of crowds yet this was an event i was able to fade into (the way i like to when i work out on my own).
    1) I would train because that one experience was humbling and inspiring. Simple, elegant and challenging. And very real. The team that leads it leaves the path open for new leaders to form and new followers to join with relative ease. There are no barriers, preambles or pre-requisites with the exception of energy, enthusiasm and will-power to finish what each of us has chosen to begin.
    2)I’d go back because i know that while i am intimidated by crowds i was able to blend in and not be noticed and I like that, no pressure. The camaraderie enjoyed in anonymity is a wonderful feeling. The energy of the strongest propagates to those who need it. No judging, no peer pressures just pure encouragement. Inspiring actually.
    3) Simple words of inspiration, living by example, unyielding spirit (especially those of the hardy warriors the common people like us can inspire ourselves not to emulate but to motivate our own abilities) and an explosive enthusiasm.
    4) Like I said, someday it will be possible to do it once or twice a week. But i was moved by one event. I can only imagine what it must be like for those who come regularly.

  2. I just started doing the November Project last week and it is AWESOME!! My friend recommended it and that’s why I checked it out. She had posted pictures on her facebook and it looked really neat! I loved that people were getting up in the morning and kicking ass!! What a wonderful way to start the day.
    The thing about NP that keeps me coming back is that there is so much positivity and I get a great work out in. I love the crisp air in the morning and watching the city become illuminated by the sunlight. I like that these work outs push me to do better each week.
    The unique qualities of the November Project are that you know that the other people who are getting up at 5:30 or earlier to work out are in a similar mind set as you. It’s not like going to the gym where you see people with their earphones in, reading their magazine walking on the treadmill. Everyone at NP give it all they got each work out. People in NP hold their friends accountable with verbals. No one at a gym cares if you go or not, you’ve paid your membership and the gym owners are happy. I like the spirit stick that is awarded to people. It encourages people to be positive and recognize others!
    KEEP IT UP!! Love this program..

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