Who’s the badass now? (YEG)

Blog post courtesy of our yet-to-be-credentialed blogger and co-leader Andrew

Sometimes the idea for a group picture is better than the actual thing.  This may or may not be the case this morning…  Truth is, our #destinationdeck and FIRE DRILLS!! were so good this morning that the picture doesn’t really matter.  I like to tell myself that I am pretty badass when it comes to our workout.  Whether it is just inching out a 16 year old on the stairs or making tough Monday workouts for the tribe I look forward to making my kids sit down at breakfast and listen to how tough their Dad was that morning.  This morning will be different however.  Over toast and a glass of milk I will explain to them how after finishing our deck in 23 minutes and patting myself on the back a dozen times I was ready to play some frisbee and take some pictures.  Cathleen is more badass than me though.  She scoffed at the idea of being done and demanded I turn the deck over and start again.  Cathleen, you fucking rule!  Tribe, this is what it’s all aboot, pushing each other to new levels.  See you Wednesday on the Royal Glenora stairs where we will be taking individual pictures of the tribe members.  Plan on either coming a few minutes earlier or staying a couple minutes later and get your game face ready. AF


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