White Friday (YEG)

Things are different up here. This city is in a complete whiteout. It’s basically a blizzard out there folks. 30+ cm of snow and cars stuck everywhere! Since it is already lunch time, you have probably spent most of the past day and a half listening to people complain about the snow, the cold, the roads, drivers, summer tires and that annoying noise coming from down the hall. This behaviour is extremely predictable after the first major snowfall, and when the weather dips near -30C. But I can guarantee that this is not the case for everyone who showed up this morning. You probably spent most of yesterday looking forward to tobogganing down the hill. You probably couldn’t wait to have snow and ice stuck to your face. And this morning, after you went down that hill and somehow got snow underneath every single layer you had on, you still had a giant smile on your face. We know that we’re going to get snow. We know it’s going to get cold. And that’s ok. In fact, we love it when it snows. We’re using Edmonton and her weather in our smile factory. It’s simple. We are having more fun than anyone!

Housekeeping note: The weather didn’t make it to -30C by our official weather app. Badges will have to wait another day.


We announced our next social this morning. Next Friday we are having a yoga social. If you’ve never done yoga, like me, don’t worry. I spoke with Katie who will be leading the class, and told her that the only thing we take seriously is our photos. She has promised that it will have a fun spin on it. Katie, no pressure. There are a limited amount of spots for this. Put yourself on the waitlist because we WILL add more spots at some point next week. Here are the event details.


On Monday, look for the fire. 6am.


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