Whirlwind of a Week (DCA)

I blinked. What happened? Not sure what exactly just happened but I’m wiped. I think some guy from Milwaukee (apparently no longer a cold city) came to visit. This can only mean one thing. I was busy living life to the fullest.

When your week, weekend, month, etc. flies by (this is happening constantly. No really, it’s occurring at a constant rate. Stop and listen. You might be able to hear the tick……tick……tick. It’s called time. Crazy. But who decided that a minute would have 60 seconds and an hour would have 60 minutes? When you think about it, there’s 86,400 seconds in a day. Why not have ten hours in a day? Ten minutes in an hour? 864 seconds in a minute?) See what happens??? You start ranting for a tenth of a minute (86.4 seconds) and you lose track. But this is why November Project is good. We’re breaking the routine. Interrupting the trends. For three hours out of your week, you stop. You hug. You smile. You build community. We are enjoying life to its fullest. Think back a year ago. Two years ago. There’s no way (for most of you) that your former self would agree to get up on a sub-freezing morning, run around, do burpees until it hurts and then some. BUT YOU DID.


Live in the moment. Make memories.


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