While you were in the photobooth… (BAL)

Holy smokes! Did that morning really just happen? O-N-E  H-U-N-D-R-E-D  A-N-D  F-I-F-T-Y  of you decided to show up and look your best for our semi-annual #YEARBOOKPHOTOS. I didn’t even think I knew 150 people in my life. I just appreciate the fact that I can write 150 rather than having to type the words out —  THAT’S how many of you joined us this morning. Thanks grammar!

November Project Baltimore is absolutely rolling right now. Syd, Nick, and I are still reeling from the success of last week’s PR Day sprinkled with some amazing yoga from the beautiful LA of Free Baltimore Yoga, and this week just kept the train running full speed ahead. We have nobody to thank but you: the very essence of this movement. Syd, Nick, and I can show up each week and throw together some haphazard workout, but it is the intersection of all of your beautiful personalities that truly makes November Project so special. Keep recruiting, keep hugging, and keep spreading the positivity to every corner of this city.


Thanks to our wonderful friends at Pixilated Photo Booth, we were able to have our most legit yearbook photos yet. Kudos goes especially to Pixilated’s Patrick, along with his speedy son Emmitt, who cruised into Rash Field blasting some deep-bass hip-hop at 5AM to get ready for the onslaught of eager, sweaty photobooth participants.



Let’s keep this party going. The mornings will become darker, the clothes will start piling on, but the positivity never changes.


All the love,


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