While Lauren Was Running 26.2 Miles, We Were Whacking the Noodle


Boman with the Burpee Noodle (TM). Run faster!
Boman with the Burpee Noodle (TM). Run faster!

Yep, whacking the noodle aka The Burpee Noodle (TM). But not right away. We eased into things with a little Good Luck bounce and cheer for our fellow NPers and Boston Marathoners. Then the longest five minutes of our lives ensued with a rousing game of stuck in the plank, which can only be released by  awkward hugs.

Be Happy. Be Bright. Be Strong! NPSD!
Be Happy. Be Bright. Be Strong! NPSD!

Boman then led the kiddos into a rousing 25 minutes of stations and sprints, doing everything from dips to lunges to reverse burpees and because we knew you’d miss burpees so much if you didn’t get ’em, integrated the burpee sticks. Federico had entirely too much fun with them.

Finally a round of tabatas in honor of Lauren that were “entirely too long,” according to one very pleased NP goer, complete with Boydens and Super Sarahs. Missed ’em? Just look at the Melissa and Heather doing it right. Their facial expressions are everything.

There weren’t any spankings, so we’re clearly not through with you. Make sure you show up at the stairs on Wednesday at 6:29am. We can’t wait to see your sexy faces.

Doing Super Sarah's riiiight!
Doing Super Sarah’s riiiight!
The Tribe is burning (on 420). We owe you a birthday BOOM, Tom!

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