Where’s the Birthday Girl (DCA)

So I know this super turbo racer chick that comes to NP. Like super turbo, intimidate the dudes, race your face off, PR all the time chick. But forget all the hype. Really, November Project is all about how much she recruits, smiles, hugs, and pretty much exemplified everything about NP. Note the past tense. I feel like we need to clarify this whole #verbal thing. Because when you drop it like she did (see this video), you should really know to what you’re agreeing (also note someone in the background saying “no way” at the end of the video. They were right). In the same way that there’s no backing out two hours before, you can’t show up at 7:15AM (workout starts at 6:30AM btw), and expect us to consider your verbal completed. Colleen. We know you just turned 21. We’re very proud of your accomplishments and that you made it through last night. We also know now that there’s a lot to learn about going out the night before a workout. You lose bets, you get shamed, embarrassing photos/videos get posted, etc. But not only did you show up late, you tried to get a shirt tagged. That, my friend, is something that is earned. Come work out, get a shirt tagged. Hope this doesn’t put a kink in your marathon training. We’ll see you next time.

996957_216331471879351_1275448770_nDespite all this, I am still impressed that you even made it to Lincoln alive and well on your 21st birthday. We are proud. We celebrate with you. And WE MISSED YOU.


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