Where to Begin (NPSD)

This morning was… wow. When you’re not sure where to start, I find it’s best to start at the beginning.
A lot of you showed up. And from all corners of this lovely planet (or America at least). We had the infamous Micah and Grace of Summit Ave Pool Parties, we had about half of the NPLAX tribe, we had Luce MaGoose from the land of #PaulLeak, and we had RED. Yup, our favorite ginger came back to celebrate the holiday that shares it’s theme with his nickname.
At November Project SD, we do two things well: we’re really strange and we really try to include everyone. That means even if you’re sick, or injured, or sick and injured, we have a place for you. And Josh filled the role of card caller well during the warmup. Thank him for all those air squats. And as far as strange goes, well your slack jaw should be well stretched today.
With booties burning and jaws open, you guys attacked that 30 minute hill circuit. When you see the amazing photos of yourselves that pop up on the interwebs today, be proud. You all kicked some ass.
To round the morning off, you sprinted to the top, collapsed in a pile of sweat, and got your photo taken. Not bad for President’s Day morning.
So get out there, remember your homework (and if you forgot, it’s below), and BE HAPPY, BE STRONG, BE BRIGHT SD!
Super Boring but Important Stuff Recap:
– Next Monday is Ash’s last day before she tours the world for 4 months. Don’t miss it. And do your homework! Research the other tribes and dress like another cities co-leader.
– Wednesday is at the Convention Center stairs as usual. Minimize your baggage. And no chalk this week, we promise Mr. Janitor man.
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