Where the Hell Are We?! (LAX)

Blog post by non other than the true urban athlete himself, Angelo Neroni. Read as he takes you on a magical journey of this morning’s compass workout.
Your plane has just crash landed in a remote area somewhere, you hope, near a lake they call “Echo”.  The average person would be as good as a bear’s second breakfast, but not you.  Why?  Because you train with the one and only #NP_LAX.  What do you have to help you find your way back to civilization.  Your fellow survivor and new friend, and a trusty compass.  On top of, quite obviously, your unparalleled ability to Hoistie and run for days, and your well earned lower abs of steel!
So where the hell do you start?  How about North or South.  There are two of you, right?  Off you go in opposite directions!  The search for help begins!
Shit!  No luck on either end!  Meet back at the crash site, head off in opposite directions, south and north (maybe your partner missed something…).
Shit again!  Back to the crash site.  Now let’s try this one more time…
Shiiiit!!  No luck yet again, but at least you’re getting in one hell of a workout, right?
Last ditch efforts, let’s try a different approach.  You sprint off in a random direction while I stay here and do burpees.  If you have no luck, then come back and we can switch. Makes sense, right…? (Stay with me here…)
Okay, so maybe what you’ve gained from training with November Project didn’t guide you home, but at least you felt strong on the search!  And that’s half the point, isn’t it?  The joy is in the journey, the path, not necessarily the destination.
So (after reading all of the nonsense this blog attempted to present) go forth on your path and enjoy the hell out of it.  They say not all those who wander are lost, so make the most of whatever journey you may be on.  Just be sure to make connections along the way.  Leave your mark on all those you encounter.
Okay, that is all.  My strange, absurd rambling is done.  You’ve earned your weekend, now go do good and have some fun!
TRAVELS- If you are traveling wear your #grassrootsgear and post of picture of yourself traveling to your said destination. Wether it be in the airport, the train car or a car use the #NP_TSA!
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