Where is Clementine? (We Missed You) LAX

Oh what a sad day it is when there is no orange in the Bowl. For those of you that do not know, Vance Phillips, is one of our core members. He rocks every workout is a strong dude and he likes the color orange. Scratch that he LOVES orange. Naturally, his nickname is “Clementine”.


This Wednesday we were sad to see that “Clementine” was no where to be seen. You may be able to do one-handed cartwheels like a 2nd grade school girl but what happened buddy? (see picture for reference)

Grade A 2nd grade cartwheel
Grade A 2nd grade cartwheel

Were you snuggling with your orange body pillow dreaming of carrots jumping into a pool of orange jello while your pumpkin alarm clock screamed at you to wake up for some stellar hugs? Perhaps you needed to catch up on the new season of Orange is the New Black? Maybe you drank too much Sunkist and you were “food poisoned” like our dear friend Angelo? Or were you taking a joy ride in the Buggy you just got repainted to be orange?


We don’t know what happened but all we can say is orange you glad “WE MISSED YOU”!

See you next Wednesday Champion of the Clementines!

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