When Parents Are Away… (BOS)

General consensus for today’s workout: Indian sprints UP the hill are hard but fun, hoistee hand configuration is tricky AND Erica and Joey are much more attractive leaders.

We bounced, hugged, Good Morninged. It was Christine Power’s birthday so of course we bodysurfed her and whispered Happy Birthday into her ear. The workout for the day was 3 FULL, front and back, hills with hoistee/Indian sprint spice. Everyone grouped up into 4-6 person groups and took off down the hill. On the way up, they’d run single file with the last person sprinting to the front of the group. Rinse and repeat until you reach the top. Joey and I stood at the top of the hill and demanded 5 hoistees from each and every person and played traffic enforcers before sending them back down again.

Important note – Ashley Brow is looking for some volunteers to be running guides for the blind at the summer camp she’ll be working at. Get in touch with her if you are interested and available!

Shout out to Mike, the guy who joined up with Lindsay, Evan, Morgan and Grady for sprints on his FIRST day. Way to keep up with those guys! And congrats to those that made it to their 2nd workout today. Good job.

Monday we’ll be at the Boston Common, corner of Charles St and Beacon Ave. Bring your shades, the weather is gunna be NICE!


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