When Mom and The Dads are Away

#TaraTaraTara Coache Steve and #Ben Otto left us hooligans while they went off to travel some super lame places. Even when our fearless and committed leaders are out of town the kids must play. They called in the first set of babysitters #Lujanthony to tame the tribe. Well tame was probably the last thing that happened this morning.




The tribe was loud, the tribe was FAST!, the tribe got down and dirty. Leading this crazy group was nothing short of exciting and getting a sneak peak into what are leaders do for us every day (not just NP days) has been a very humbling experience. Your weekends has more than been earned. Take the energy and love from fern fell this morning and spread it to the rest of LA!





Remember to keep sending in your letters of what the bowl means to you! Next Wednesday we pass the torch to our next set of babysitters. Franzini and Jesse!

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