When Mom and Dad leave town, the Kaitlin’s bring the party (DEN)


Today’s blog post is brought to you by the very same Kaitlin’s that brought you today’s workout. While Lt Dan and Gen Molly are away today, they are with the tribe in spirit. Dan was physically with the Boston tribe doing important leader related things such as taking pictures with other leaders in weird poses, and Molly successfully (well, TBD) got a verbal from a woman wearing a 2013 BoMar jacket in line behind her at airport security. Turns out, TSA gets angry when you turn your head in the security scanner to maintain conversation with the person behind you, even if its to talk about rainbows, hugs and getting really fucking fit for free. So without further ado, I give you, The Kaitlins:

If you decided to skip out on this morning’s workout, well you REALLY missed out.  Anyone who showed up or watched us with their crazed dogs may still be wondering – What DIDN’T this workout have? Well good thing we’re here to tell you what you happened:

We had two Kaitlins* dancing, cheering, and high-fiving the tribe like it was their job (because today, it was).  We had brand new tribe members.  We had first Friday attendees.  We switched it up and had our workout start at the TOP of the hill.  We had a partner workout with simultaneous hill running and burpees/planking.  We had the entire tribe run around the block “Indiana Jones Style”.  We had arts and crafts.  We had bright iridescent eggs filled with delicious Starburst jelly beans.  And finally, we had an assortment of photographers capturing every moment.

It seems that the only things absent this morning were our fearless leaders and their fellow BoMar travelers.  And because we missed them so much already, our arts and crafts activity was dedicated to designing some beautiful inspirational posters for them.  Check out Facebook for more.

NP Denver will be back in action at our regular Civic Center Park on Wednesday at 6:15 AM.  General Molly will be home by then to relieve the Kaitlins of their babysitting duties.

Good Luck to All November Project Marathon Runners – Race Hard + Stay Safe!

Kaitlins (aka Picante + Rumpshaker)

 *We would like it to go on record as being the first time in November Project history that a tribe was successfully lead by co-leaders with the same exact name.  Boom.

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