When it Rains, It Pours (DC)

As you are reading this, current temperature is 67 degrees, partly cloudy skies, puddles now only the size of a Smart Car. But if you GOT UP this morning, you braved what will be one of the more memorable Fridays #NP_DC will have.

At NP, each of us wears a different hat to someone else. Some days C Baum busting ass up the stairs makes me go faster, somedays Matt’s friendliness pushes me to be kinder, somedays Neal’s passion for NP pushes me to reach outside my comfort zone in life, Chuzi’s smile, and so on. We all have these people, whether we know it or not. Today was one of those days where the 40 of us who JUST SHOWED UP, all played the role of accountable friends. We said we would be at the Library of Congress at 6:30 am and we fucking got there.

As I hydroplaned down New Jersey Ave, running down the middle spine of the road, I knew the faces waiting at the other end were who and what I was running for. It’s always easy to say tomorrow, to say the next day, to look at the radar and say this afternoon, but today was a prime example of where we said fuck it and just got our ass out there, now. That is one of the founding principles of November Project, Just Show Up, be Weatherproof, Make YOUR city YOUR playground. I will never look at the Library of Congress the same way again, the next time it starts down pouring this morning will come back to mind, this morning will stay in the memories. The Tribe is Strong.
NP Library of Congress_01

On a different note, we have been saying goodbye to our DC scholars from Georgetown, Gallaudet, George Washington, and GMU. It has been fun to watch these college kids rise and grind with us through frat parties, finals, sports games, and 21st birthdays. Looking forward to getting you all back come fall time, intern away. Stecco, fuck yeah. Your sarcasm & smiles will be missed.

We are still meeting in the NE corner (up the hill to the right) of Meridian on Mondays.
Wednesday we are dropping something very fucking exciting. GET ready.

LOVE: is today.



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