#Wheelbarrows >Wheaties (BAL)

While the parents are away at #NPSUMMIT in Madison, WI this week, Megan and Jana took over #hillsforbreakfast this morning and we couldn’t be prouder or more stoked at their costume get-up. Check out this morning’s recap by Megan:

A lot of rad things happened today.  First, our leaders trusted Jana Goins and I to rev up our tribe and convince them that having #hillsforbreakfast was doable after an ass-kicking workout on Wednesday that left the majority of us crawling around like we’re 90 year olds.  Secondly, we had our first wheelbarrow races in between hills. Lastly, we supplemented our usual awkward handhugs, and intense eye-gazing with a dance-off between strangers.


Music supplied by Booty Bumpin’ & Box Jumpin’: A Symphony created the perfect opportunity to make our Fridays a bit more freaky . Without Nick, Pat, and Sydney I didn’t think we think we could make our traditional GOOD MORNING hype fest loud enough to wake up our homeless friends in Fed Hill.   I’m pretty sure we were loud enough to wake up every last sailor in town for the SAILABRATION.

For the workout the tribe divided three to four hills for breakfast with their choice of a pair of 10 burpees, 10 hoisties, 10 partner pushups and 1 set of wheelbarrow races.  Initially the tribe was hesitant about having a stranger lift them while crawling around Patterson Park but as anything else happens at November Project, intense wheelbarrow races began with the lovely MC Hammer serenading us in the background.

We squashed our Patterson Park hills like it was cake and ended our last hill with an awkward stare-off to make our leaders proud all the way in Wisconsin.  Props to Gio for being the raddest NP photographer.


Sydney, Patrick, and Nick we hope y’all are having an amazing type at NPSummit. We’ll #verbal and see you guys and your sweat infused hugs at BOUNCE THIRTY next Wednesday.  Until then, stay weird.

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