What’s New With NP These Days

Oh man, oh man, oh man.. Coming back form Madison, WI the emotions are still flying high, and we wouldn’t do it any other way.

Few things that we want to cover:

1. Sacramento does not have a November Project tribe anymore. Last week BG and I made a difficult decision to reduce #NP17 to 16 cities. Our friends Chris, Haley, and Stephanie, have been doing great things out west. From their first day of pledging in January they’ve been rising and shining every Wednesday morning, getting people from Sacramento area to pursue they fitness goals, and make their community a better place. We are and will forever be grateful for all their efforts and we hope that they will continue to lead by example and inspire others to be better athletes and humans. To honor our gracious friends from SMF, we will continue to use #NP17, as 2014 wouldn’t be the year that it is without those guys. We love you and we hope that our paths will cross again.

2. Our workout this morning was special for many reasons:
– We did a RobotMan3 (3 x half-tour), which is volume wise our second longest workout. Did anyone say double burger next week?
– BG is back from his injury and is running like the pack of rabid dogs are chasing him. Take it easy my dude. You’re still the fastest guy for the full tour. But once you get your legs back under you, just know that there are few 19 minute contenders waiting to take you down.
– We will be rolling out a digital way to track our scores next week. Stay tuned for the announcement.

3. The Recruiting Goal – #3014. We dropped a verbal that if we hit 3014 people working out in one day, across 16 tribes, we will get 3014 tattoos. Why is the number 3014 so important? Why do we need another tattoo? We hope that this post gives you some idea, but most importantly stop asking questions, and start recruiting! See you Friday!


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