What’s LOVE got to do with it?!

The answer: EVERYTHING!
Love drives everything we do in life.  Love is the driving force for November Project.

The love we have for each other.  Love for community. Loving to be part of a team.  The love to help others. The love for neon.  Loving to be outside in perfect weather  (#weatherspoof).  Love for being healthy.  The love for running.  The love for competition.  Our fierce love for hugs. The love and desire for meaningful relationships.  Loving to laugh and smile.  The love to start your day off right.

LOVE is everything. LOVE is for everyone.   November Project is for EVERYONE.

We loved running today; a lot.  We also did narrow heart push ups, self loving squat hops and curtsy kissed with our face/ our knees and the backs of our hands.  Lastly we were all inspired to spread the LOVE.
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright. Be in LOVE.

Lovely additions:
– Motor Boat pond Mondays in February.
– Cupid Undies Run February 20th, discount code (YALLGOOD)

-NP LOVE short film to come!!! Thanks FIONA!!!

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