What’s in the photo? (YEG)

The other week someone pointed out to me the funny expression I had on my face in the group photo. Not a surprise as I am certain it is a regular occurrence in most of the photos so expertly capture the essence of November Project.

Today, there were pretty strict instructions for the group photo, “Good posture, straight faces & stare at the giant speaker in the middle of the stadium.” In analyzing this morning’s picture I can tell that most of you are pretty good rule followers, some, however, I can tell like to push the limits a little. Notice the dude giving the finger (actually 2) to the cameraman or the multiple eyes that are actually looking at the cameraman instead of the really large speaker (myself included)? How about all the smirks – those trying to suppress their smiles (can’t blame you, pretty hard not to smile when surrounded by all this positivity, a new goal to work towards possibly, old96er and straight face).

While there is a lot you can see in this photo, you don’t see that there was someone running stairs this morning with a black arm cast…all I could think was, “that must get really hot in the summer and wouldn’t it get really sweaty during a warm humid 30 minute stair workout…I wonder what it smells like?” Also, you can’t see that there was a granddaughter who made her visiting grandmother wake up really early to walk Commonwealth stairs. What you also may not know from simply looking a the group picture is it was the final day for one of our tribies who is headed off to Toronto but is already looking forward to meeting her NP Toronto family – an instant community in a new city.

The tribe is full of stories; amazing stories, funny stories, inspiring stories, heartwarming stories and while difficult to do as you push yourself to conquer the lower and/or upper bowl of Commonwealth (or as you run up and down stairs Friday, or hammer out squats, pushups and burpees on a Monday), try and take the time to hear someone’s story. This connects us, this enhances our sense of belonging, this spreads the positivity. This is what builds community!


Friday – 6AM Walterdale Hill

  • we will be tagging grassroots gear
  • bring a light or bright coloured top and we’ll tag it in black

Sunday, August 21

  • We have an official cheer station for the Edmonton Marathon at Stutchburry Park.
  • Start time: 6:45am with the last of the runners coming by us around 10:30am.
  • We’ll make a ton of signs and give those runners a ton of energy and positive vibes that morning!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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