What’s Dope? (DCA)

Springtime is (pretty much) here. Marijuana is (pretty much) legal in DC. This blog post has nothing to do with marijuana.

With warmer temps, it’s time to let loose and get excited for all the exposed skin that’s on its way. Ok. That sounds bad. I’m excited to see people’s legs and sweaty shirtless bods. Wait. That’s worse. I’m excited to let me skin breathe. Better. Forget the previous statements. I’m excited for the ability to recognize people from 87 steps away. Why? Because we won’t be all bundled up in more layers than degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t get me wrong. Every winter, I look forward to proving how #Weatherproof we are and getting to know those of you that are. So as our numbers begin to show the influx of ‘not-so-weatherproof’ folks, remember those single digit days. Recall those memories of using hugs for warmth. Revisit the mental images of frozen hair, beards, etc. Every winter, we prove that this movement, this community built on positivity and free fitness is an essential part to living a happy life and we don’t need warm gyms (or is it jims? I forget how to spell it since we don’t do that anymore). We make our city our playground, rain/snow/ice/-20 windchill or shine.

On that note, start bugging your friends that made the ‘it’s-too-cold’ excuse because GUESS WHAT…IT’S NOT COLD ANYMORE. Get them rolling out of bed and joining us MWF.

#HillsForBreakfast per usual and the #PaintCrew repped hard. Today was DOPE.

Wednesday will be DOPER.

March 28th will be the DOPEST #MarchOfThePenguins. More details coming soon.

#ThisShitIsGood and gets better with every gathering.



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