What’s a PC name for “Indian run?” (BAL)

Sydney and I were chatting last night and I mentioned that I wanted to try and mix things up a bit for this morning’s workout. I had told her that I knew some people were getting bored of the “run up the hill, back down, do some exercises, and repeat until we tell you to stop” gig, and wanted to throw in some variety. She brought up the idea of splitting the group up to do Indian runs, which is an exercise that NP_DC does frequently during their Monday hill workouts. “However,” she said, “I think they call it something different since I’m not sure if that’s the PC term.” I brushed off her suggestion to think of a different name, dismissing her concern of offending someone.

Cue Melanie Thankappan.



When I told the group that we would be doing these Indian runs up the hill for today’s workout, Melanie, with as straight of a face as humanly possible, coldly stated, “I take offense to that.” I felt the color drain from my face and my knees buckle. I think I stammered out something about the Washington Redskins and the Battle of Bull Run, but I don’t remember — I think I blacked out.  Thankfully, Mel, one of our most dedicated members who has been with us since DAY ONE, has a wonderful sense of humor and was only giving me a hard time. Needless to say, I’ll be brainstorming some new names for this workout all day today.

Thanks for showing up and kicking some ass today. We can’t wait to see you again on Wednesday for our first Wednesday workout of the new year. Until then, keep spreading that love and joy that is such an integral part of our Wednesday and Friday mornings. The tribe is strong.


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12 Replies to “What’s a PC name for “Indian run?” (BAL)”

  1. Did you ever change the name of this run?  I’ve heard it called, “Last Man Up”, “Interval Sprint”, “Goose Run”, etc.  

  2. Its an Indian run! PC term are you kidding me. Lets stop this madness of PC and Omg im so offended. Its ok to me offended, nothing happens.

  3. At the middle school where I coach, we call it the DIRT run.

  4. This came up at NP New Orleans today … easy enough to change … I like “slinky sprints” or “goose run “ 🙂

  5. Caboose! OMG I teach 4-8 year olds cross country skiing and we want to do this activity, but we did NOT want to use the name I learned in the 80’s. PERFECT!

  6. Our workout group loved the name “Caboose”, we just thought it was kind of like a goose chase, so we extended it out to be “Goose Caboose” runs ;]

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