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Today was one of the coldest we’ve had this winter, and if Boston lives up to its reputation for winter, we will definitely see colder ones.  But on a day like today, when Tuesday stadium-hype is all about layers and being #weatherproof, it’s easy to focus on the cold and debate with ourselves about whether we go…or not.  Get up early…or sleep a little more.  Get up and workout…or stay home and rest.  Layer up and hope you stay warm…or curl deeper under the covers and stay warm.

But what you have is a beautiful morning opportunity to get out there and enjoy free fitness, hugs, and icy stadium stairs.  It’s not about what you’re losing by getting up and to the workout (sleep, warmth, coziness, cuddles, or early morning friskiness).  It is about what you have.  And we all know it.  The fitness, friends & community, a reason to eat breakfast at Swissbakers afterwards, sweating before the sun comes up, pushups on frozen concrete steps, and lots of repeats of shortened sections between 37-23, including a sprint underneath the stadium from 23 back to 37.  (Track all those short & sweet sections in the tracker here.)

This point came home to me mid way up section 25, with Chris Payne as my wing-man on that section.  I noted that my two layers of pants–one “baselayer” and one regular “mid-layer” were unfortunately both of the design that neither stay up very well around my waist (no drawstrings), so as I run, they both feel like they’re falling down a tiny little bit.  But I notice it like crazy when I take the big steps up the stairs, because more of my butt feels the cold air and the crotch of the pants gets lower so they pull in funny ways.  And then, as soon as I said that out loud, “I hate it when both my layers of pants are the ones that fall down…” I thought about whether that was the most important thing going on in that moment as I crested the section.  And I thought about how grateful I was last night, as I laid out my clothes, to HAVE a base layer to wear under my regular layer.  And the next thing out of my mouth was, “but I guess I’m glad I have pants.”

And then I giggled for two more sections while I imagined running stadium stairs pants-less for the morning–ESPECIALLY on a cold morning like today.  Shit, that would be cold.  And it would look funny.  And wow…sitting down for that group photo would be coooooooold on the old ass cheeks.  One day I’m sure we’ll have a weird crew of people who decide to do a naked stadium–(that is not a real idea, I did not suggest it, and I don’t condone anyone doing it!)–but until then, the humor of the idea reinforced even further how nice it is to have pants.

And while we did not run full sections today (shortened from the “stairwell level” to the top) and we did not run all the way around the stadium, what we have are enough stairs and sections to keep running.  And we have the amazing underneath where we can–in the light!–sprint our hearts out while we loop back around.  We have so very much.  We have the bubble to take amazing weird photos of–we have cold days to help us appreciate the warm ones–and we will always have other people ready to show up with us and for us.  We have this new year, and and incredible tribe to keep us going through the rest of the cold, dark winter.  And when the sun starts shining again for the 5:30 bounce, we’ll know that we made it through together.

And in the meantime, let’s just have a really fucking good time.  We always have that.



Friday is PR Hills day.  WEAR YOUR PR HAT if you’ve earned one.  Earn a hat if you haven’t.  (Finish 3 full hills within the workout time period, and do so faster than you did the very first time you completed 3 full hills.)

Also, Landry’s Bicycles on Commonwealth Ave. is generously offering to help us drive/park fewer cars at the stadium by giving you $25 off the purchase of a bike, if you show your Monthly Harvard parking pass or a recent paid parking ticket from Harvard.  Offer stands through March 1, 2016.  More details to come, but think about biking and go visit Landry’s.

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