What the good word Sugarmama?

I got the pleasure of sitting down with this one for a few hours today in a coffee shop. Now I already knew how special this human was, but give yourself sometime outside of a workout with her and she’ll shock you with how BIG her heart really is. The tribe is lucky to have her and I was lucky enough to steal her for the morning so wanted to share with you some of her love…

Without any further introduction necessary, your next guess blogger, Lisa Sugarmama!

Hey, tribe, SugarMama here. Comin at you hyped from lattes with Capozzi and with a super-deep dive on all the sweet and drippy feels I’ve been feeling lately about NP. So brace yourself for a bit of a lovefest.
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lisa Sugarman (Suggs, Sugar, SugarMama, Mama, I answer to all of em). I’m the mom of two college girls, wife of TheRealDavSug, a writer, and a hardcore chugger of the NP Kool-Aid. And while I’ve been a member of the Boston tribe since the winter of 2016, I can’t seem to remember a time when I wasn’t part of this beautiful community of nutbags.
What the *&%! am I doing writing today’s blog? Well, Capoze called me up from Pawtucket to take an at-bat at today’s post because A) EmSauce is away,


we haven’t had a guest blog in a while, and C) I write for a living anyway, so why not toss it to Suggs.

It’s ironic, though, that of all weeks, this was the one he tapped me for a post. Because unknown to Capoze, I’ve had a some pretty major feels in my heart lately about NP that I really needed to share. Lucky for me, the universe was listening and here I am. So lemme get straight to it…
I love this tribe. I say again… I. Love. This. Tribe. And while that’s an overly simplified way of expressing the depth of how I feel, it’s the truest way to share what this movement means to me.

Now even though I could point to an endless stream of goodness that I’ve seen these last two+ years that are all legit reasons why my heart is so full, the thing that’s impacted me the most was the way this tribe rallied around our boy Capoze last Friday when someone pinched his bike. That sh*t was beautiful and it stuck with me. Hard.
In a span of maaaaybe 21 minutes, as a tribe, we collectively raised enough coin to replace his stolen bike, pimp his ride, and put a new helmet on his fluffy little head. And while I’m not sure my Venmo account will ever recover from the flood of donations, that beautiful symphony of notification dings is burned into my memory forever. Because it symbolized the power and strength and kindness that lives inside all of us who are part of this tribe. And it moved me. Deeply.
So, while I’m not your mom, I’m definitely old enough that I could be (#truthhurts), and I want you to know how proud I am of this family. Because that’s what we are and that’s what you’ve become to me. All of you.

I’m proud of our tribe’s intrinsic and raw sense of accountability that binds us all through the good and the bad. Every. Single. Day. I’m proud of the inclusiveness and support that oozes from deep within NP’s core and drenches all of us. No. Matter. What. And I’m especially proud of the unconditional love that powers and drives this community forward, making it bigger and better every time we’re together.
Now clearly, I could go on and on and on, but I think in this case, less is definitely more. So lemme just say this… This sh*t isn’t good for one single reason or because of one single person. This sh*t is so good because of the way all of the things we do and all of the people under our roof blend together. That’s why the Kool-Aid goes down so smooth, because it’s got a little bit of everyone in it so there’s something for everyone.
So do me a favor and just keep showing up. Keep being the beautiful people you are and keep looking out for each other exactly the way you do, because it’s magical and it’s what’s going to keep me showing up until the end of time.

Much love,
SugarMama xo