What rain?

Lot of San Diego rain means no jungle for November Project – too much mud, too many slippery wooden stairs.  No worries, we adjust – to the Reflection Pond!  Now, I’m not going to lie, I expected a small crew this morning.  Only the most hardcore of NPSDers, willing to show up in the most extreme of weather conditions…. Low 50’s.  Windy.  Even in the dreaded, terrifying “overcast” (dun dun duuun)!


…But, you all proved me wrong, and showed up anyway!  NPSD ain’t afraid a’ no puddles!


I’m sure you all got in a great workout.  Pushed yourself.  Encouraged others.  Gave out some high-fives and hugs.  We nail that stuff every time.  What I think I liked most about this morning, though, is that we brought it back to basics.  We ran around in circles with our friends, splashed in puddles, laughed, and cheered.  Simple.  We need simple every once in a while.  Other stuff outside our Monday and Wednesday mornings can get complicated.  November Project fills a short window in our week, where we can be present and carefree.

Take advantage, and take some of it with you when you go off into your day.

Good times, San Diego!



What you NEED to know:

Next Monday:  San Diego Convention Center – stairs around back on the Embarcadero  HERE!

We’re going NINJA on this one, tribe.  That means all black, NO #grassrootsgear, silent.  To provide a brief history of our relationship with the Convention Center (and why on Earth we’re dressing like ninjas):  On May 6th, 2015 NPSD held our final Convention Center workout… at the Hilton across the way.  We had been kicked out, after nearly two years of weekly stairs, sweat, and positivity.  The Convention Center saw San Diego’s November Project grow from a small group of friends taking a chance, to the community changing force of positivity it is today.  So, when our views on free fitness and community diverged, we found a stunning new home in Balboa Park.  But next Monday, we return to the stairs for a day.  In and out.  Like no one was ever there…


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