What makes you happy?

see if you can answer that question without thinking too hard about it.  What’s your gut response to that simple question?  What makes you happy?

Do Monday mornings make you happy?

Hugs from friends?

Cute kitten videos on YouTube?

Fresh, handmade donuts?



That catchy tune by Pharrell?

The fatigue in your body after a good hard run?

Seeing the sun rise?

Maybe a delicious meal?

A hot shower?

A belly laugh?

When you know what it is, take a moment to think about it.  Maybe even close your eyes and think about it–what it’s like when that thing happens or you experience it.  Notice how it changes your whole body.  Neuroscientists can confirm that simply by thinking about those things that make us happy, we have nearly the exact same brain activity as if we were actually experiencing them directly.  And when our brains activate, we have biological and chemical reactions that happen as a result, helping us to feel happy not only in our minds but also in our bodies.  And if you’re into the spiritual stuff, when our minds and bodies feel happy, our spirits and souls feel the good of our happiness too.  The point is, moments of happiness have the ability to impact us positively long after the moment is over.

This is going to sound cheesy, but I get to write these blogs every day and sometimes I get a little sentimental: November Project makes me happy.  It makes me happy on a Monday morning to know that my alarm is going off so I can go be with the tribe to get our #FreeFitness on.  It makes me happy to be outside, no matter what the weather is–outdoors fuels my soul.  It makes me happy to have warm clothes to make the cold outdoors enjoyable.  It makes me happy to get hugs and bounce with the tribe.  It makes me happy to workout and embrace the challenge even when I want to throw up after the heart-exploding intensity of running through the snow, uphill and trying to do 2 minutes of snow ball/medicine ball squat throws then “actively recovering” by shuffling sideways in the snow.  It makes me happy to see people dump snow on their heads as they throw their snow ball and the bag opens (lol!). It makes me happy that even if we only do 1 minute of burpees all out, when I bust my ass on burpees my nose always runs snot out like a flowing waterfall and it gets all over the place, and it just makes me laugh.  It also makes me happy that I did 22 burpees in that minute. (How many did you do?) It makes me happy to feel the energy of the tribe who are proud, empowered, excited, connected, and grateful for the experience we just had.  It makes me happy to make a funny “picking my nose with my mittens on” face for the group photo and knowing it turned out well.  It makes me happy to see tribe members trying out yoga for the first time because Shira decided to offer a free class since her yoga studio is next to the DD location.  It makes me happy that I went to my favorite donut place in the whole world (which is also near the DD location) and I got to share my fav donuts with a couple of my dear friends.  It makes me happy that Bojan Mandaric and I have the same favorite donut.  It makes me happy that I get to connect with you all through this blog every damn day.  And it makes me happy that we all get to ride the wave of social media throughout this day to keep re-enjoying, re-inspiring, re-membering, and re-happy-ing the moments of this morning.

November Project makes me happy not only because we got a badass, neatly-packed workout in 18 minutes together this morning, but also because it stays with us.  It becomes part of our cells & our biology.  It’s part of our emotions and our chemistry.  It’s part of the fabric of who we are and we carry that out to others as we “have a great day.”

So, go! Have a great day.  Do the things that make you happy.  And keep changing the world. #TheTribeIsStrong


And PS. It also makes me happy when we have Monday “Snow Playground” workouts like today and people bring bags to make their snow balls and fill them up before the workout so you don’t miss any of the moments of fitness to cherish later on!

PPS. See you WEDNESDAY at Harvard.  We may be in the Stadium or in the field. PLEASE dress for all occasions!

PPPS. if you noticed that I made more than one reference to my nose and the stuff that comes out of it today, then congratulations, you’re very observant and I hope you like conversation about nose-picking & snot.

group photo

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