What makes us November Project

So what makes us November Project?

1.) We are a community. We show up week in and week out for ourselves and for each other. Yes, even when it’s PR week.

2.) We believe in the power of being on time. The workout starts at 6:29 on the nose. Don’t think it’s important to be on time? Try being late to work, see how well that goes for you.

3.) (safety – always third)

4.) Our word is as good as anything. When we #verbal to show up, we actually show up. Don’t think it’s important to stay true to your word? Try lying to your mom. Yeah, didn’t think you’d want to do that.


Did you sleep in this morning?  Well then, you missed some cool shit:

-There were costumes, and they were good.

-New guy showed up in a banana costume, so that was awesome.

-PERFECT burpees were executed, perfectly.

-our injury deck crew held it down at the fountain

-Phil kicked me in the face while trying to pull off an incredibly impressive high five (We’ll get it next time, Phil!)

-The tribe dug deep on those last few hills.  PR day was crushed!

-We circled up, we planked, we started shaking, then we hugged.  It was great, trust me.

-Per usually, we unloaded more positivity in 1 short hour than most do in an entire week.

-You guys are the best.


What time is it?


Ya’ll good?



Seriously, read this, and remember it:

NEXT MONDAY:  NINJA workout at the Convention Center!  This marks the 1 year anniversary of our departure from the stairs.  So what better way to celebrate – storm the stairs in stealth!

Here’s the deal:

6:29AM (not 6:30, not 6:31) at the Friendship Flame statue at the back side of the stairs. Wear all black everything, NO #grassrootsgear. Group high five in silence and then we run. Bring a watch if you have it because 35 minutes will go on the clock. You’ll play rock paper scissors with someone at the statue, WINNER heads down the right valley stairs, up and over to the front side of the convention center, back to the Parkour wall and back to the statue to find your next partner. LOSER does the trident: down and up the left valley stairs/angle staircase, back to the center, up and down the middle, back to the center, up and down the right valley stairs/angle staircase, back to the Parkour wall, and to the statue to find their next partner. If nobody is at the statue, plank until someone shows up to play RPS against. After 35 minutes we will meet back at the statue and run ONE all out Talladega lap to finish. Then we will take a photo of no-one on the stairs and we’ll all go home.

Spread the word. Let’s have the biggest, quietest ninja workout that nobody will ever know happened.


**Our last group photo at the Convention Center – the day we got booted!^**

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