What Happened Wednesdays (YEG)

I’m not quite awake yet. I’m fairly certain that I was at the stairs this morning and there was a hoard of people there. In the Walking Dead, they sometimes call a large group of zombies, a hoard. If the world was ever overrun by zombies, I hear there’s this island in BC which is inside an island. I should figure out where it is. That’s where I would go. Zombies can’t swim, right? You’re all welcome to join me. Would we be able to do polar bear hugs or would people be too scared? How cool would it be to have a zombie tribe. @Nov_ProjectZOMBIE. World takeover would get REAL! I bet they’d have a sweet stencil too. I think they’d also be good ultra runners. They may not be quick, but I have never seen a zombie looking tired. Jen is missing a chunk of her shoulder. This may or may not be a result of zombies.


Our Sunrise 6k will be held at the workout on February 16th. As we do with our homework, this is our chance to show all the tribes that the Canadians are fierce! It is a holiday, so you have no excuses to not be there. We’ve put a call in to the Sun to show up, but haven’t received a verbal yet. Anyone who is able to get that verbal will win life.

We’ll see you all at Emily Murphy Hill on Friday!

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