What day is it? (YEG)

The culmination of many different important events lead to an odd Friday. We said farewell to someone moving to China by making him do a ton of burpees. We also welcomed a family visiting from a more weatherproof city (Boston). I bet they will tell tales of how cold it wasn’t. It was one of my favourite days of the year, Friday the 13th. We had a birthday! It was also Valentine’s Day eve. Jen got poked by someone’s banana. Someone else wanted to put my salty balls in their mouth. Lorin got to choke his chicken. If you were there, it all makes sense.


Monday is the Sunrise6k. We will meet right here and race our booties off. We will start and finish at the pin. You’re going to go fast, because you’ve never raced this distance before. For some, this may be the first ever race and it will be just like every other morning we have spent together. We have prizes for the top boy and top girl. We will meet here. We will race. Then you will record your times in the tracker. There may or may not be some advanced statistics on how much faster you can run in the dark with a smile on your face.

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