What are your #SummerGoals? (DCA)

Temps rise. Days last longer. This phenomenon called summer only comes once a year. When it starts is a relative date depending on latitude, tolerance of extreme temps, and whether the fox and the hound see their shadow? Whatever you believe, I think we can all agree that it’s here now. The beginning of our summer #Weatherproof-ness. The 5:30 group sunrises. The sweat before you sweat.

Now that we’ve reached this point of the year and you’ve completely forgotten or given up on your New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to make SUMMER GOALS:

1. Finish out this month of May with some kickass miles using the Charity Miles app. Prove to San Diego that we are the #FitterCity while raising some funds for TeamRWB. Prizes for the top three male and female racers (top male and female get a free TomTom gps watch, WHAT?)

2. Prep for June’s #Sunrise6k. Same course as February. Faster YOU. Prizes for PRs, speed, and OTHER (STAY TUNED).

3. Get outside. With yourself, with your friends, with your dog, with someone else’s dog (ask permission first). Enjoy your city and the outdoors in and surrounding the District.

4. Make your community a better place. Pick up some trash on your street. The person standing in line in front of you that just ordered an iced coffee? Buy it for them. Give someone a high five on your/their way to work. Brighten someone’s day. Make someone smile. EVERY DAY.

Feel free to come up with additional goals. Comment on the FB post or tweet what your #SummerGoal is (be sure to use the hashtag).

SEE YOU WEDNESDAY for PR Week. Lincoln Memorial. 5:30 and/or 6:30AM


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