What are you training for? (SEA)

A common phrase heard to describe what makes November Project what it is:  “they come for the workout; they stay for the vibe.”  It really hits the nail on the head when talking about what it is that separates our Wednesday mornings from any other run club, boot camp, or fitness group.  It’s the hugs, the high fives, the smiles, the encouraging words, and the purest form of camaraderie that’s displayed at 6:29am at the top of Kite Hill that makes this thing so special.

But hold up for gosh dang second… There’s no way 100+ people show up every week and work their asses off for a hug and high five?  That’s ridiculous.  These workouts are hard and they make us feel fucking good.  I know I’m not alone when I say that Wednesdays are (without a doubt) my favorite day of the week.  The energy that surrounds the tribe on Wednesday mornings is undeniable and fills us with positivity to carry us through the day, but that workout (that workout tho!) sends us on a physical high and frankly, it does the body good.  While community is what holds us together, physical wellness is our top priority.

So, I ask you… What are you training for?  Whether it’s a 5K, a half or full marathon, or an ultra marathon in Tibet, lean on the power of the tribe.  Maybe you’re a training partner away from signing up for your first race; maybe you’re well on your way to qualifying for the Boston Marathon; or maybe you’re thinking about going on a run this weekend with your dog but the forecast says rain so you’re having second thoughts.  Whatever it is, let the tribe know.  They’ll be there to support you.  They’ll be there to cheer you on when you’re hitting the wall.  They’ll be there at the finish line (with a beer).


We work hard every week.  We work really hard.  Harness the work we put in on Wednesday mornings and apply it to your life.  Set a goal and achieve it.  Most importantly, let your guard down and use the tribe.  They’re not going anywhere, so get used to it.


  • Wednesday, October 21 – Our girl, Mary, is taking the reigns on the workout.  Bring it.  You know Mary will.
  • Thursday, October 22 – #NP_SEA Gets Social: Part II – Details to follow
  • Wednesday, October 28 – PR DAY!
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One Reply to “What are you training for? (SEA)”

  1. As always, very well said, Casey.
    This group is truly a force of nature; accepting, authentic, infectiously enthusiastic, and constantly kicking more ass before 7:30am than most folks do all day. 
    Looking forward to next week! 

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