What about the Trolls?!


OK, So what if I made you think there would be trolls at the work out today.  And who cares if I called the work out Bridge wars and there wasn’t even a bridge in sight.  And yeah maybe I just made you hug and smile all morning and it was nothing like a war.  I will be honest I thought if I made today sound like it would be more interesting then I was planning on dishing out, and maybe even slightly dangerous I could recruit more tribe members.  Well I think it worked because ya’ll showed up and brought it 110%!  So I apologize for my pathological lies and Thank you for your commitment to this community.


We started this morning at 6:29am on the dot  with lots of comforting and electrifying hugs followed by some impressive bouncing.  Once warm we all partnered off and decided that it was going to be a show down with Bridge Wars; without the bridge.  We had plenty of onlookers watching us in awe as be sped up and down Balboa Park racing with every mitochondrias in our bods on over drive.  We dropped to do exercises as fast as we could in our DIY style workout today.  Then we finished it all off with with a few “ha, haa, haaa, HA, HAA, HAAAAAA!” then jetted through our burnout up hills, around fountains, up stairs and around our beautiful pond.  FUCK YEAH!


We crushed it today.  Luis Crushed it harder.  The Grahams got softer.  I hope enjoyed.  Happy Hump day.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

Interesting Facts:

1) Morley Tennis Field Monday

2) 5K Turkey Trot next Wednesday 6:29am same place as always- Spread the word!

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