What a morning to throw down (NPSF)

Today is a great day. For our tribe. For our city. For the #NewsCh19. The landmark marriage equality ruling this morning helped bring the nation that step closer to what we’re lucky to have here in November Project community. Regardless of your athleticism, your passport, your weight, your race, your speed, your sexuality, this is a community that will welcome you, will hug you, will race with you and will love you.


So this morning, with the sun splitting the stones, 80+ racers took to the Giants Promenade to participate in the San Francisco leg of a monumental race. #Sunrise6K: the Rematch. Throughout the month of June, cities across the continent threw down 6k races on their home turf. And threw the time up in the tracker. And what a race we had here in San Francisco. Guys and girls. Seasoned roadsters and rookie racers. Everyone took on their February PR or took on a brand new 6000m challenge.


So many  highlights from a great morning, so let’s do a Wisconsin bullet style summary:

  • Wayne and Kat took to their 3D printer and made us the dope-est, class-est, hella-est, supercalafragalisticexpealadocius-est race stencil that the #NewsCh19 has ever seen!
  • NPSF had the fastest pair of twins in the land, with Gavin and Christian throwing down a 19:14 and a 20:20. We reckon the Tings must have been the fastest female pair too
  • Perry Wang PR’ing his 6k by 3 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Hutch, Gavin and the Irishman dropping sub-20 minute 6000m times
  • Lauren Breunig running 4 miles to the stadium, crushing her 6k, running 4 miles home. All fresh off recovery from injury, Get it, girl!
  • Our resident cheer gang of Bolt, Daniels and Livermore ran lap after lap until everyone found their way across the line. All directed by the angelic time-calling voice of Lydia “The Voice” Chambers
  • Greg Rolfes showed up 2 minutes late but still dropped the fastest 6k time of his life. All to make sure he beat his housemate Quincy on a photo finish #friendship
  • Paddy took an in-focus group photo

With 61 times scored on the tracker, our Tribe-wide average stands at 25:44. Fuck. Yeah. Congrats to our top 3 female and male finishers, and congrats to every single one of you who raced and cheered this morning.

Fastest females: Emmiliese von Clemm 24:01, Kristyn Kadala 24:29, Alaina Murphy (time to be submitted still. Get on that tracker)

Fastest males: Paddy O’Leary 18:54, Gavin Crynes 19:14, Andrew Hutchinson 19:46

As the times are still rolling in, we have yet to fully confirm who the fastest Tribe in the lab is. But from a quick look at the tracker, cities across the continent are dropping PRs with aplomb. Kudos all around. Here in SF, we shall refrain from trash-talking until Monday at least (though fuck it… NYC, you were just that little bit short of the record. You may not have got the title, but hey at least, you got free donuts!).


Coming up soon
This weekend, we have the first ever NPSF Prom. Dust off those gowns. Borrow your father’s tux. Weston, oil up that birthday suit. More information to be found at the Facebook event. But here’s the basic schedule:
8:00pm – 9:00pm: Prom photos in front of Marina Middle School on Fillmore St.
9:30pm: HiFi Lounge opens, party till 2 a.m.
To help out with costs for decor and photography expenses, please send $10 per person via Paypal (shing123@gmail.com) or Venmo (415) 815-8809.

Have a great weekend, Tribe. Enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy the love. Enjoy pride.

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