What a Morning (SD)

It would be easy to write this blog with a negative undertone, to focus on the parts of this morning that did not go according to plan. But that’s not what we do at November Project San Diego.

At November Project we are about infusing our community with positivity, with high fives, with hugs, with smiles, and yes, with sweat. Our goal is to get people outside, exploring their neighborhoods, meeting their neighbors, sharing this positivity early in the morning and carrying it with them throughout the rest of the day. We believe that fitness, community, and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and when they are intertwined they have the power to create good, to create positive change in this world.

We have been a group for almost 2 years in San Diego. We’ve seen incredible growth, in muscles, in people, and in community. We’ve been fortunate enough to have some of the most beautiful (and hardest) spots in SD to workout. This includes the Convention Center. We 100% understand that the Convention Center is a center for conventions. But we also know it is an iconic location, a central meeting place, and a shining star on the map of San Diego. It has been, and would continue to be, the perfect location for our workouts. In the past, we have always worked with the staff and security at the Convention Center and have never had a problem. Yes, we occasionally block doorways or crowd sidewalks, but always accidental, and never twice. It would be a loss to the city and to the community to be forced to leave this location and move our positive group of energy elsewhere.

If you agree and would like to see us be able to stay at the Convention Center, I suggest you to e-mail Steven Johnson (the VP of Public Affairs) at steven.johnson@visitsandiego.com. Please feel free to copy and paste the above paragraphs about NPSD, include your own personal stories about the positivity that NPSD has brought to you, anything that is POSITIVE is encouraged. We are above negativity and trash talking – pissing people off is NOT how we work and not what we do.


In other news, this morning turned out amazing. Thank you all for your flexibility, thank you to the film/drone crew for capturing your smiling faces again as you sweated your way up and over the drawbridge between the Embarcadaro and Petco Park. In true NP fashion, you worked hard, you smiled harder, and you high fived the hardest (I can barely type, my hands are so numb).

The Positivity Award went out to the one and only Angelo this morning. Yes I’m biased, but I think we can all agree that his energy is infectious and that San Diego is lucky to have stolen him from Los Angeles.

And I can’t end this blog post without sharing the craziest thing that happened this morning: naked man wearing sunglasses in the bathroom at the Embarcardero asking Craig if he did meth. Or maybe it was math. Perhaps he just wanted somebody to do algebra with. Either way, thanks for holding strong Craig and not giving in to the naked man.

Continue to be the good in the world SD – BE HAPPY, BE STRONG, BE BRIGHT!


Announcements – 

1. Next Monday begins #MayhemMonday and is at Loring Street Hill…NINJA style. All black everything. Murder whisper mode engaged. We will meet at the bottom of the hill (Loring Street and Foothill Drive) at 6:29AM. There is street parking, or you can park at Kate Sessions and run over. 













2. CHARITY MILES! NPDC currently has 138 members and 1812 miles (13.1 miles per person). We have 90 members and 869 miles (9.6 miles per person). They are killing us! Take that extra walk, go for a bike ride and don’t forget to turn your app on when you start! Continue recruiting friends and family and reminding them to join team NovemberProjectSD. Always choose Team RWB as your charity, as we’re supporting them this month. There’s a lot of May left, let’s get back in this and prove that we are the #fittercity!

3. Keep an eye out for the amazing video footage to come from our drone flying and camera wielding friends. Give them a shout out on Instagram at @cadronesupply, @xposesandiego, and @sandiegoaudiovideo to say THANK YOU!

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