#WeMissedYou Katie (VB)

Dear Katie,

Two weeks ago when Marsha gave you the #NP_Hero Cape (2nd Time, might I add & well deserved for all that you do for the tribe)

You have been with us since day one and are also the one who make us look so good in photos. I was pumped for you. In my head I said “Katie got the cape! Yes! So happy for her!” The fact is. You do so much for this community and this tribe.

But.. the next week you didn’t show.. Totally normal. It is cool. We all have busy lives and I am pretty sure you told me you couldn’t make it.

BUT the next week.. on the Tuesday night before the #DestinationDeck (town center) you texted me. Asked me for details about the workout. I give them. Then you say…”Ya know, so I can be prepped for pics”



Now. Let me be perfectly clear. You didn’t not say “Verbal”. You did not say “I’m gunna be there”

All you said was.. “Ya know, so i can be prepped for pics”… Your honor, judge, jury and the tribe. To me that is a verbal commitment.

One thing about verbals, accountability, and November Project. It is not only important in my November Project life. It is something that I now carry with me in my everyday life. Because when a friend or someone tells you that they are gonna be somewhere or meet somewhere or do something, it should mean something. It is their word. Verbal commitments are serious business.

Katie. The bottom line is that #WEMISSEDYOU. (The true story is that Katie did wake up.. made it all the way to the couch in the living room, and sat down.. and fell asleep. again.) or at least that was the excuse she came up with. All will be forgiven with a #verbal on this post for this Wednesday..

Katie – Please come back. Oh and bring the cape(s).. The tribe misses those too.

Photo below is of Katie flying around at the beach. (She has a pretty clean FB so it is hard to find any incriminateing photos of Katie partying on a tuesday night)

See you all Wednesday – 615AM At Trashmore #Staisforbreakfast #justshowup


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