#WeMissedYou Chuzi


This blog post was written by the Courtin sisters in light of their best friend in the entire world leaving them alone on this epic Wednesday morning. 

Dear Chuzi,

Your leadership and commitment to the November Project DC tribe have been exemplary.  Superlative.  A core member,  a positivity award winner, asked to lead the group when Danny and Steve were away.  You recently celebrated your one year anniversary (congrats by the way). You’ve earned yourself a stellar reputation and even your own hashtag, #canofchuzi.

With the aforementioned record, we NEVER thought we would see this day.  We know last night was a big night.  While we can’t say for sure what the schedule was, we imagine it went a little something like this: You and Tim wined and dined on your restaurant-week date. 7 courses? Posh posh posh. The food coma must have been a bear. Did you two then geek out watching the SOTU? Or did you both put on your panda suits and watch reruns of the bachelor?

We admire your optimism with a late night verbal after all of that excitement.  It’s hard to say this, because we’re not big fans of calling people out, but you blew us away by breaking that verbal this morning.  We almost let you off, as we heard there were gale-force winds drowning out the sound of your alarm, which sounds serious.  But by now, with your impeccable record for showing up, we figured your internal alarm clock and your fear of seeing this post should have kept you accountable.  And I think we can all agree there is no excuse strong enough to overcome a broken verbal.  So it is with disappointment and disbelief that we say, we missed you.

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