Well-Oiled Machines (DCA)

As we approach our one year anniversary, I’m looking back and thinking about how far we’ve come. I look around at the smiling faces and great asses we’ve surrounded ourselves with and can’t help but smile myself. Slowly but surely we are manufacturing well-oiled machines…or is that sweat? These aren’t your everyday machines though. These machines are have been reprogrammed to speak with strangers, hug strangers, smile at strangers, and make friends with strangers. After initial contact, those strangers become friends and those friends meet more strangers that become more friends and before you know it, there’s a huge community of like-minded positive people. We are changing a city, slowly but surely. Keep recruiting, keep smiling, keep hugging, and keep on truckin.




WHAT: Mass mob running the streets of DC and running to an undisclosed location to cheers and show the world how strong the #NP17 community is.

THEME: NOAH’S ARK: They Came In 2′s. You can interpret this how you like. Examples include dressing like someone else (twins), dressing as an animal with a partner, etc. GO BIG. The photos will be epic. (more details )

WHEN: SUNDAY, AUGUST 17TH, 5PM. Be punctual.

WHERE: Meet at the Jefferson Memorial.

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