We’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain


We’ll be comin’ round the mountain when we crush (crush some stairs)

We’ll be givin’ hugs and high-5’s when we crush (crush some stairs)

We’ll be wearin’ #grassrootsgear, we’ll be shoutin’ “eff yeah!” clear, we’ll be comin’ round the mountain when we crush (crush some stairs)

Wisconsin Notes

  • Let’s make Mondays a Thing. We’re shooting for 40 people for consecutive weeks. We’ll be at 56th St/Camelback (Phoenix) and “A” Mountain (Tempe) at 5:59am every Monday.
  • NP_PHX will be 1 on July 6. To celebrate, we’re having a #centuryclub (100 people). Tell yo’ friends, tell yo’ wives, tell yo’ husbands. UPDATE: We just cracked 1,000 likes on Facebook. That means we only need one out of every 10 of you people reading this (I assume everybody who likes our page reads the blog) to #justshowup.
  • #NPSummit4 is 6 weeks away! You really don’t want to miss this. Join us outside of Toronto June July 14-16 for an epic weekend, featuring an NP Takeover of the North Face ECS.

Today is Global Running Day. And while each tribe did their own unique thing to commemorate, I’m confident saying that our workout was the most ethereal. What could be better than scrambling around the iconic sandstone buttes, brushing through palo verde and ocotillo as they extend their limbs for high-5’s?

Most of us run around the buttes on the way into the stairs, but today was the first time we’ve actually utilized the half near-mile long trail surrounding the amphitheater. There are surely more than a couple sets of quads screaming right now, between that and the stairs. Just revel in the fact that you couldn’t find a better place to celebrate. Happy Global Running Day.


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